About Us

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Who We Are

Sweetist provides dessert-lovers convenient ordering and delivery from the best city bakeries. Each day, we make it easier for customers to purchase high-quality desserts and baked goods, and for bakeries to sell and deliver their delicious food to customers.

Sweetist was launched in 2015 behind one singular idea - people should have convenient access to all the great desserts their city has to offer! To achieve this mission, we have assembled a team of talented, dessert-loving technologists, operators, sales and marketers, and designers, who are all passionate about helping people find delicious desserts!

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Our Mission

Sweetist's mission is to provide access to delicious desserts from the city's best bakeries -- any time, and for any occasion. We want to make lives easier (and sweeter!) via our dessert ordering service. Sweets-loving customers can browse from our gallery of desserts, place your order, and expect timely delivery and great service.

We are committed to the highest quality - premium desserts and a top-notch delivery service. If you need to get a cake quickly or want to impress your dinner guests with a sweet treat, Sweetist can help you find a great dessert to suit your needs. We will save you time in searching for and picking up your order.