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NYC's Best Holiday Desserts

Just a few more days until the most wonderful time of the year - the holidays! We’re all excited for the holidays, especially the great treats! If you need a great dessert prepared for your Christmas feast, Sweetist is here! Either let our Gift Concierge help you with all your holiday gifting needs or order these delicious seasonal treats online without hassle!

White Chocolate Mint Cupcake


Nothing says holiday time quite like candy canes. Enjoy this sweet treat, topped with crumbled peppermint!

Stump de Noel


A spin on the classic Buche De Noel, we turn this cake on its side! Chocolate sponge cake with a malted vanilla buttercream filling and a dark chocolate frosting on the outside. Decorated with fondant mushrooms, and florals/decor depending on season.

Yule Log Cake - 3 Layer 9 Inch


Celebrate a tradition with this Yule Log inspired cake! The Yule Log is a wood block specially selected for burning as Christmas tradition.

8” Apple Pie


Be warm and cozy with friends and family as you eat this classic favorite. The pie stands out with its unique star cut outs!

Ornament Mini Cupcakes


No better way to show your festive nature than with this ornament box! Each cupcake has an ornament topper and is ready to share with guests!