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An Interview with Melissa of Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop, our beloved partner known for their liquor-infused ice cream that will make you tipsy, will be opening up their first retail space in Manhattan this Spring!

Launching their “bar-lour” came at the request of their fans, who were showing up in crowds to

Tipsy Scoop’s East Harlem production facility on a quest to buy some boozy ice cream. Realizing that their factory couldn’t adequately host all those looking for a scoop of boozy bliss, Melissa Tavss and her team started working to find a retail location they could call home. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Melissa about her Tipsy Scoop journey!

Tipsy Scoop is such a fun concept! How did you come up with the idea of mixing liquors with ice-cream? 

I started around three years ago. My great-grand mother was actually the former President of the Ice-Cream Alliance of Great Britain, so ice cream making runs in my family.  I also worked for over 5 years and have extensive experience with the liquor industry after having a career in marketing for various liquor brands. I was inspired to craft specialty ice-cream flavors after seeing clients request caterers to make different confections with their alcohol. A year into starting the business, I was joined by former co-worker from the Liquor PR biz, Lyz Nardo, and we started expanding the boozy ice-cream line, selling to stores, specialty retailers, and restaurants throughout the Northeast.

How did you come up with the flavor combinations, and what’s your personal favorite?

We are inspired by different flavors in the liquors we work with. My personal favorite is the spiked hazelnut coffee made with cold brew, Cafe Patron, and hazelnut liqueur.

Tell us a little about  the concept of the barlour. Will there be exciting, in store-only desserts?

Yes! We will have over 15 boozy ice-cream flavors available year-round and limited edition seasonal flavors each month that can only be found at our storefront.

When you are not creating fun ice-creams for

Tipsy Scoop, what's the favorite thing you like to make?

I like making pasta dishes! My favorite is orchiette, broccoli rabe, and spicy sausage.

What’s your favorite New York guilty pleasure? 

Boozy brunch

What's your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Right now I really love Patrizia's of 2nd Avenue and live right around the block- so that’s very dangerous!

Can’t wait for the

Tipsy Scoop store to open? Try the boozy ice-creams now on Sweetist!

Photo credit: Tipsy Scoop’s website and instagram