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Make your doggie happy with bakeries treats!

If you are a dog lover, you agree that:


If you have a best friend that makes sure to make you feel the most beloved and cherished human being on earth by leaving lots of saliva on your face (and we are talking about dogs here!!), you need know the best dog friendly bakeries in NY!

We selected the best bakeries that provide our furry friends some great treats, so why not show them that they mean the world to us too?

Huascar&Co and Milk&Cookies


If you stop at Huascar & Co. or at Milk and Cookies with your doggie, your Tea Time can be enjoyed with a cupcake or cookie for yourself and a Bone treat biscuit for your pal.



The Peanut Butter Bones from By Chloe is vegan and made of 100% natural ingredients. Also, for every bag sold, $1 will be donated to The Humane Society, the nation’s largest animal protection organization! You’ll do good for your pooch and for others around the country!

Make sure to grab some dairy-free ice cream for yourself too!

Dog Cakes for Dogs


If you wanna take the love demonstration to the next level, why not throwing your best friend a surprise birthday party with a cake by Dog Cakes for Dogs? They will love it and the party can go on all night!

Silk Cakes


Silk Cakes makes the most beautiful cakes for humans! You and your best-pooch-forever can celebrate your birthday with a personalized cake! This one was inspired by Birthday Human’s best friend! Cute!

We hope you and your dog will have a great time together having some delicious treats ! Make sure to let us know which one is your favorite!

Post a picture of your pooch with dog treats and tag us for a change to be featured :)