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Attention All Festival-Loving Foodies

With so many yummy food vendors at Panorama Music Festival to steal the show this weekend (July 28th-30th), we’d buy a ticket just to try everything!

After all, we all know the real headliners are the ones that’ll have our taste buds cheering. Here are our picks for the sweet treats that’ll make you forget how much money you just spent for your weekend passes. 

  1. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream 

Link: https://goo.gl/Hw2xv3

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream/ @explorechinatown

Since 2011, Sam’s has been drawing crowds for the unique combination and of course, their insanely tasty ice cream. Usually at a stand in Chinatown, but now coming straight to your crowd on Randall’s Island, Friday through Sunday! This is the perfect festival food to keep you stay cool without getting super messy. PRO TIP: The fried crust can keep your ice cream safe and contained while you flail around to your favorite songs! You’re welcome, you crazy kids! 

       2. OddFellows


Link: https://goo.gl/xjRgwR

OddFellows/ @chrismisskim

It’s not hard to figure out why this ice cream shop was deemed “wildly inventive” by the New York Times, with new takes on everything from ice cream sandwiches (the literal definition- ice cream in a brioche bun) to cotton candy cones. You’re already listening to the best music, why not top it off with the best snack?

        3. Ice and Vice


Link: https://goo.gl/n7svhc

Ice and VIce/ @feedyourgirlfriend

This Lower East Side shop prides itself on its experimental flavors and handcrafted ice cream, where there is no such thing as a boring flavor. With a wide range of praise to choose from, we think Gothamist puts it best: “These guys make vanilla seem like the most interesting flavor on the planet.” Nuff said.

        4. Eggloo


Link: https://goo.gl/r3ofrD

Eggloo/ @nycfoodchaser

Known as one of the most Instagrammable desserts of the summer, you’ve probably seen pictures like this one floating around your trendy friend’s social media. Don’t be skeptical and self-conscious to try something so popular around those free spirits at the festival, the hype is very much deserved.

Be sure to try these sweet treats to keep your energy up and enjoy!

Aaaand if you’re bummed about missing Panorama this weekend, treat yourself to one of our faves, La NewYorkina, delivered straight to your door. See, staying home has its perks too!


Sweet Solutions: What Dessert Should I Get for an Office Birthday that Isn’t Cake?

Have a question? Need a suggestion? We’re here to help with any of your sweet needs— be it what’s the best gift to give your mother or what should you bring to the office potluck. We got your back. And we deliver too.


Q: What Dessert Should I Get for an Office Birthday that Isn’t Cake?

While we are big fans of the traditional birthday cake, we are also big fans of breaking out of the norm. So disregarding how well you know Nancy the Junior Account Exec, Jordan the Office Manager, or whoever’s birthday we’re celebrating, when someone asked us for another suggestion for an office birthday party that isn’t cake— we didn’t have too much trouble putting our thinking caps on.

Though of course, it wouldn’t hurt to take note if Nancy or Jordan preferred chocolate or vanilla. Just a suggestion.



via BillysBakeryNYC Instagram

The New York staple reminds us of the good ol’ kid’s birthday party, but Mom knew what she was doing when she served these tiny cakes. Cupcakes mean no messing with plates, knives, and clean up. Also, none of that awkward waiting for on-the-diet coworkers nitpicking the size of their slice. Equal distribution and less whining? Cupcakes make so much sense as the perfect kid dessert now. Mom was so right.

Try the German chocolate cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery. We’ll help bring them to your office.



via MilleFeuilleNYC Instagram

OK, so we know that you wouldn’t traditionally stick a birthday candle in a macaron but it is possible. You could also line up enough macarons to spell “Happy Birthday!” or even include their name if you order a lot (or if they have a very short name). There’s also just something fancy feeling about macarons that feels level-up special— possibly because of the “natural” French accent it gives us. You can also choose different flavors, so no one feels left out. Also the more flavors, the more colorful the spread. And the more colorful the spread, well, you’re break room’s about to break into an Instagram photo shesh.

We can throw back macaron after macaron from Mille Feuille. And we can bring them right to you.



via PiBakerie Instagram

Chocolate, pistachio, or maybe just traditional. Who wouldn't love the not-too-sweet flavor and flaky texture of baklava? The variety, eating it sans knife or fork, and having a giant pile of pastry are enough reasons to throw your own office birthday bacchanal. Plus, we just like it with coffee, aka the lifeblood of every office place.

It’s your party and you can make it rain birthday baklava with our help from Pi Bakerie.

Cream Puffs


via ChikaliciousNYC instagram

Consider cream puffs as the dessert world’s version of a gift box, except instead of a sweater or a candle wrapped in tissue paper, there’s only sweet, oozy filling. Cream puffs aren’t shared enough, and we should help it become the new birthday go-to. Not only are they filled with surprise goodness just waiting to escape, but they’re portable, easily portioned, and they’re a treat onto themselves— when’s the last time you got yourself a cream puff? Tuesday? Pffft, you deserve one now.

One look at these desserts and you’ll think bow-chikka-wow-wow, or more like this Puff Chika Creme Puff from Chikalicious.