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La Newyorkina: Best Paletas in NYC

This month’s Dessert Spotlight features a new addition to Sweetist: La Newyorkina, the Mexican paleteria/ice creamery/all things Mexican dessert shop run by Fany Gerson, also head of the Dough donut empire. While La Newyorkina’s carts and its refreshing paletas have been a feature of New York City summers since 2010, its first brick-and-mortar location in West Village has only been open a few months.

The shop features an expanded menu, including not only its famed paletas, but also other frozen desserts, like handmade nieves de garrafa or helados, and other Mexican confections. And with a portion of their profits going to Crea, an organization based in Mexico that helps women from low-income households create and run small businesses, La Newyorkina is truly redefining the term “guilt-free dessert.”

Head over to La Newyorkina to try some of these frozen treats, or learn how to make your own with Fany’s upcoming book, Mexican Ice Cream: Beloved Recipes and Stories (preorder here).

Our Picks:

Nieves de Garrafa

 Nieves de Garrafa is a hand-paddled water-based sorbet that Gerson describes as “custard in its purest form” is handmade in store daily. Flavors rotate everyday, but our favorites are the mango (pictured below) and the queso fresco, a soft Mexican cheese.


La Newyorkina / @lycynthialy

Horchata Ice Cream

With flavors ranging from pumpkin seed brittle to corn, horchata might not be the most creative flavor on the menu, but does that really matter when it’s this good? La Newyorkina’s horchata is creamy, but not overly so, with bits of cinnamon and sugar providing some much needed grit (pictured below with scoops of the coco-choco, a fresh coconut cream with dark chocolate bits, and the Oaxacan chocolate).


La Newyorkina / @lanewyorkina

Available for delivery in hand-packed pints here.

Paletas (duh)

While you can’t go wrong with any of La Newyorkina’s paletas, from either fruity or creamy, or even a blend of both, our favorites are the canela and cajeta, a Mexican cinnamon ice encasing an oozing cajeta, or goat caramel, filling and the equally gooey fresa con crema (are you sensing a theme yet?), a strawberry paleta with a condensed milk center (both pictured below).

canela and cajeta


La Newyorkina / @lanewyorkina

fresas con crema


La Newyorkina / @lanewyorkina

Available for delivery in packs of 12 in fruity, creamy, fruity & creamy, and classic flavored selections here.

Learn more about La Newyorkina out here!

The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops In NYC for Summer ‘16


There is nothing quite like the sweet aroma of a New York ice cream shop. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a wave of milky goodness before you can close the door. Instead of ordering your typical vanilla bean ice cream cone, here are a few that we recommend for you to try this summer!


Thai Tea Ice Cream Roll – 10Below  

Originating from Thailand, rolled ice cream might be the hottest frozen dessert of the summer. First and foremost, ice cream crafters pour milk and a couple ingredients of your choosing onto a cold plate. What happens afterwards is a spectacle to behold: the components are then chopped, smushed, laid out, and rolled into a creamy confection. The Thai tea rolled ice cream hits the sweet spot: the smooth texture matches well with its light and airy consistency.

Sweetist Tip: Oreos and a roasted marshmallow go perfectly with Thai ice cream!

Address: 10 Mott St


DIY Ice Cream – Magnum 

Magnum has opened its divinely doors in SoHo! In addition to their signature chocolate flavor, Magnum differentiates from all the other ice cream shops with this special characteristic: customization. From rich ice cream flavors to decadent toppings to crunchy, creamy coatings, customers from all over the world have their eyes on this.

Sweetist Tip: you better get them quick – Magnum closes its NYC doors in August! You can’t find rose petals and goji berries in any ice cream bar.

Address: 134 Prince St  


Ice Cream Sandwiches – Melt

Ever imagine a Good Humor ice cream sandwich on steroids? Well, you can find them in Melt. They have truly stepped up the ice cream sandwich game. One-upping the traditional ice cream sandwich, Melt uses soft cookies instead of chocolate wafers. It’s your provocative. Your choice for cookie and ice cream combinations are endless!

Sweetist Tip: you can’t leave the shop without trying out the red velvet cookie with vanilla ice cream!  

Address: 132 Orchard St


Cereal Milk Soft Serve – Momofuku 

Who would have ever thought to have Frosted Flakes milk with a soft serve when we were younger? How can an ice cream be so light, yet so full of sugary goodness (with a sprinkle of Frosted Flakes)? Well, these ideas are brought to life at the magnificent Momofuku Milk Bar! This can be found in various locations throughout the city, where Momofuku’s classic creations are both parts unique and nostalgic.

Sweetist Tip: their sweet yet salty crack pie is the perfect complement for this sugary soft serve.

Address: 561 Columbus Ave


Lychee Rose Ice Cream - Chinatown Ice Cream Factory 

when it comes to exotic Asian-themed flavors, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is an ice cream connoisseur. From red bean to Zen butter, this petite mom-and-pop shop will have you wanting more. The rose lychee ice cream is the perfect fix for those with full stomachs from dinner and need a fragrant yet delicate dessert. The lychee on its own is rich and creamy, but the rose accent gives the ice cream a little tea taste.

Pro Tip: lychee rose not your thing? Other exclusive, Asian-themed flavors include: black sesame, almond cookie, Zen butter, and pandan.

Address: 65 Bayard St

We’re Screaming for Melt-in-Your-Mouth Ice Cream!


August is literally the ice cream month. If you missed the ticket for the summer’s biggest food event - Museum of Ice Cream, don’t be sad! Melt Bakery is your local ice cream sandwich shop which located right at the Lower East Side!

In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, we met Julian Plyter, cofounder of Melt Bakery, who has been in the food business for the last decade - transitioning from personnel manager to culinary chef to ice cream sandwich shop owner! With an eye for ice cream sandwiches and all things sugary, Julian combined forces with business partner Kareem Hamandy to create Melt. Find out what this iconic ice cream sandwich shop has planned for this magical day with us!


Melt’s Ice Cream, Melt in Your Mouth.

We were really stumped on what we should name our company. We asked a whole bunch of friends, and I believe a young mom suggested “Melt”: it was a play on the idea that ice cream will melt, but also captures the savory part too like how it melts in your mouth. Once we heard it, we knew we were on to something.

From Street Cart to Brick and Mortar, It’s Been Six Years!

Melt Bakery has grown steadily since 2010 from a street cart, and it has been really cool to see the process. It used to be just me, and now its a business with 40+ employees. As we grow, we continue to remain committed to our self-propelled theology that everything is made by ourselves. Rather than add machinery, I’ve added more people. 

Every Flavor Has Its Story.

As far as the sandwiches go, I initially chose the things that seem to go well together. For instance, peanut butter and banana is an easy combination, and we called that the Elvis because that was [Elvis Presley’s] favorite kind of sandwich. The Big Deb is a riff on the Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies, it’s a essentially oatmeal cookies with vanilla ice cream. Thick mint is a riff on Girl Scout thin mint cookies, but a little thicker. Morticia is a homage to the first lady of the Addams family because it’s a little elegant and black, with almonds.


My Mom Is My Biggest Inspiration.

My mom is my biggest inspiration. She’s an ice cream-eating inspiration to everyone. She’s a size 0, but she’ll eat ice cream before dinner to make sure that she fills up on dessert. It’s endlessly enjoyable for me to know that my work is pleasing her because she is such a big, big inspiration to me. She was the one who taught me how to make these sandwiches, most particularly the chocolate chip walnut cookie. The recipe is actually hers!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with Our New Flavors!

We’re launching two new flavors - RICO = Coconut Cookies + Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, and S'MOST = Graham Cracker Cookies + Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!! Stop by our cart at Washington Square Park on this day, we're giving $1 off all day to celebrate! 


Throwback Desserts

Not sure about you, but as a kid, I pretty much grew up on sugar. There were breakfasts where a stubborn, young me wouldn’t back down from wanting Oreos and milk, rather than a well balanced meal. There were Summers spent on ice cream, homemade birthday cakes we’d push our faces in, and make-it-yourself Rice Krispies during slumber parties. Sugar had its own happiness and form of independence to me. After all, dessert choice is one of the first decisions you can proudly say was your own. Because I didn’t have much in the decision-making of my outfits, which relatives could pinch my cheeks, or if I went to school that day, but dammit was I always asked which ice cream I felt like eating at the Mr. Softee truck. And I always chose the Mario pop because his nose was a gum ball. Two desserts in one. Bam.

Maybe that’s why we turn towards sweets as a comfort food or a celebration for that matter. Maybe we want to feel that free again— by which I mean, kid-freedom, when the hardest decision we had to make was what sort of ice cream we felt like that day.

It’s also probably why throwback, kid-nostalgia-themed desserts are just very much alive.

Milk and Cookie Shot from Dominique Ansel


via @dominqueansel Instagram

Milk and cookies were a staple as kids. Be they Oreos or freshly made from Grandma’s loving kitchen, milk and cookies were a basic food group to us. So of course we can’t not knock back Dominique Ansel’s shots of a childhood tradition, even if we have to wait in line for them.

Rice Cereal Treats from Treathouse


via @treathouse Instagram

Rice Krispy treats had to be one of the first things many of us could make on our own (discounting cereal and/or toast of course) and many a slumber party or after school play time was driven by the sugar derived from our good friends Snap, Crackle, and Pop. These days, we can have all of the joy of the fun cereal squares, none of the clean-up (the dried marshmallow in a pot never cleaned easily), and all of the nostalgia thanks to Treathouse. They even keep with the sleepover tradition of sticking candies, chocolates, and even bubblegum to decorate.

Ice Cream from Tipsy Scoop


via @tipsy​scoop Instagram

It seems like we haven’t talked about ice cream enough in this post, right? For good measure, let’s go back to Mr. Softee, the first man to steal all of our hearts. The light jingle of “Pop Goes the Weasel” will always make my heart skip a beat and make me realize that I don’t have cash. Also, I’m old and lazy now, or at least too lazy and old to chase the actual ice cream truck. I’m an adult and will go to the store, or (better yet!) get delivery through Sweetist the adult way! And the best version of a throwback dessert done in an evolved, mature way is Tipsy Scoop. It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s boozy brilliant. And you can also get an ice cream cake.

Funfetti Cake from Mini Melanie


via @minimelanienyc Instagram

Kid birthdays are the best. And by the best I mean, they always had trampolines, party bags with candy and really small toys, and they had homemade funfetti cake. It doesn’t get better than buttery frosting and sprinkles, because yes, sprinkles is a flavor in our books. And Mini Melanie takes us back to Bobby Thompson’s backyard birthday party with the pinata and the best cake.

Popsicles from Popbar


via @popbar​ Instagram

Remember those popsicles in the long tubes that you looked like Mad Scientist Chemicals but froze into something brilliant? Or how about fudgesicles? Or even just the one and only creamsicle? Or basically any sort of frozen novelty on a stick that dripped on your hands and face and made you a hot, sticky mess? Mom loved that. Well, Popbar keeps the memory alive (though less of a mess), and rather than faux flavors, you can now indulge in green tea, banana, and coconut.

Cereal Milk (shake + soft serve) from Momofuku Milk Bar


via @milkbarstore Instagram

Sometimes the best part of a cereal was the very end when you could impolitely (as kids we knew no better) slurp up all of the contents and then play with the toy from the box. And Milk Bar has us all swooning in collective memory of how gross we were as kids and how little we cared because that milk at the very bottom of the bowl was just that good. Of course, Milk Bar made it more polite by creating an ice cream and a milk shake, so we can taste it all without the mess.

That’s one of the good things about being an adult and still eating kid-inspired desserts. We’re not going around as sticky gremlins. At least not all the time. The other part? Well, we can have it: Whenever. We. Want.

An Argument for Cold Desserts in Cold Weather

It’s safe to say that we’re all done with winter and its temperamental days of temperature. First it’s cold, then it’s warm, then it’s Jon Snow north of the Wall cold? How are we supposed to cope with these mixed messages? Personally, we like to go down the stuffing our faces with Morgenstern’s ice cream route— which is also the route you take for bad break-ups and Friday happy hours come to think of it. Despite the thirty degrees and the insane wind chill factor, we’re perfectly happy with our frozen faces munching on frozen novelties, because seriously you guys: cold desserts in cold weather is the best idea since sliced bread.

No Lines to Get Your Favorites


Or at least a shorter line. As New Yorkers, we’re expert level line waiters (be it for cronuts or to get into that new club) but let’s be honest: we won’t wait in a line wrapping around the block for ice cream during a snowstorm. That would just be nuts… well technically nuts. Nuts for most people, at least, which is why it would be an ideal time to go wait for, say, the $15 milkshake monsters at Black Tap. Because who would want to wait for an hour and a half outside while it’s freezing? Not many. Not many except you of course.

Your Seat for the Picking


Have you ever gone into Sprinkles ice cream during the summer when everyone’s crowded around the counter trying to decide and there are lots of kids bouncing everywhere and you just wanted to sit and eat your cone in peace? Winter gets rid of most of those hurdles, freeing up seating while those dessert noobs are back in their cozy homes binge-watching Netflix. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

You’re Probably Sweating Under Those Layers


You’re probably sweating in your down coat and your layers of heat tech, which was all well and good during your chilly walk to the subway this morning but is now slowly melting five pounds off your body in a very unattractive way. It especially stinks because your office has the heat on so high that it rivals Hades and your skin feels like you just ran a 5K under all those layers. So of course you should treat yourself to a cool, soothing scoop (or five) of gelato at the nearest parlor. You already sweated off most of the calories anyway.

No Melting


Eating an ice cream out while it’s in the low thirties sounds like a bad idea in theory, but is a brilliant idea in practice. Understandably, we eat ice cream cones and sundaes during summer to keep ourselves cool, but when we eat frozen treats when it’s freezing outside, we can take our time to really savor the experience. Think about it: there’s no time limit (ie: melting)! When you take a delicious ice cream cone outside, you don’t have to worry about the ice cream slowly dripping down your hand. You don’t have to eat it in a hurry. You don’t have to worry about a mess. No, instead, you can leisurely lick your cones as the frosty air nips at your nose and keeps those tasty scoops whole.

To Trick Ourselves that We’re Hot


Think of it as reverse psychology. Don’t repeatedly remind yourself of your poor, cold feet and your frozen faces. Instead, imagine walking down the avenue during a bad summer heatwave when the sun is beating down your back. You’re sweaty and sticky, and all you want is a cup of shaved ice to cool you off. You have to trick your brain as much as you can with this one— yes, even if you are still in a heavy puffy coat— and the best way to trick yourself is to treat yourself with that cup of shaved ice held by your wool mittened hand. Bonus: your mittens protect you from the frost bite you might get while holding a cold drink in the middle of winter. In our book that is a win-win.

6 New Ice Cream Flavors to Try in NYC

Artisan ice cream is taking over NYC this summer, with unique flavors like beer, durian, and zucchini delighting adventurous dessert-lovers. Here are five to add to your “must try” list:

1. Black Sesame


This powerful Japanese flavor, with its unique black color, is savory and delicious. Try it for yourself at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, or if you’re feeling really brave, get durian -- an exotic fruit known for its pungent flavor.

2. Butter


You’ve tried butter pecan, cookie butter, but what about plain butter? If you’ve ever been guilty of licking your fingers after buttering a piece of toast, you might want to try the butter flavor at Odd Fellows. Sadly, popcorn is not included.

3. Cake Batter Vodka Martini


Booze + ice cream? Don’t mind if I do. For those who like their drinks sweet and sugary, this flavor from Tipsy Scoop is infused with cake vodka, amaretto and white chocolate liqueur. Can you get a hangover from ice cream? The only way to find out is to try it.

4. Earl Grey Tea


Green tea is a popular flavor, but other types of tea have been left unexplored in the world of artisan ice cream. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is trying to change that, with their vegan take on Earl Grey ice cream.

5. Sour Cream


You never know what you’re going to get with Max and Mina’s Ice Cream. They have a reputation for creating some of the most exotic ice cream flavors out there, including nova lox, spicy chumus, ketchup, and champagne.

6. Olive Oil (Gelato)


While Laboratorio del Gelato serves gelato and sorbet, rather than ice cream, they have their fair share of unique flavors, including olive oil. Rich and refreshing, olive oil gelato may not be the sweet, sugary ice cream you’re used to -- but it will certainly be an experience.