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Attention All Festival-Loving Foodies

With so many yummy food vendors at Panorama Music Festival to steal the show this weekend (July 28th-30th), we’d buy a ticket just to try everything!

After all, we all know the real headliners are the ones that’ll have our taste buds cheering. Here are our picks for the sweet treats that’ll make you forget how much money you just spent for your weekend passes. 

  1. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream 

Link: https://goo.gl/Hw2xv3

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream/ @explorechinatown

Since 2011, Sam’s has been drawing crowds for the unique combination and of course, their insanely tasty ice cream. Usually at a stand in Chinatown, but now coming straight to your crowd on Randall’s Island, Friday through Sunday! This is the perfect festival food to keep you stay cool without getting super messy. PRO TIP: The fried crust can keep your ice cream safe and contained while you flail around to your favorite songs! You’re welcome, you crazy kids! 

       2. OddFellows


Link: https://goo.gl/xjRgwR

OddFellows/ @chrismisskim

It’s not hard to figure out why this ice cream shop was deemed “wildly inventive” by the New York Times, with new takes on everything from ice cream sandwiches (the literal definition- ice cream in a brioche bun) to cotton candy cones. You’re already listening to the best music, why not top it off with the best snack?

        3. Ice and Vice


Link: https://goo.gl/n7svhc

Ice and VIce/ @feedyourgirlfriend

This Lower East Side shop prides itself on its experimental flavors and handcrafted ice cream, where there is no such thing as a boring flavor. With a wide range of praise to choose from, we think Gothamist puts it best: “These guys make vanilla seem like the most interesting flavor on the planet.” Nuff said.

        4. Eggloo


Link: https://goo.gl/r3ofrD

Eggloo/ @nycfoodchaser

Known as one of the most Instagrammable desserts of the summer, you’ve probably seen pictures like this one floating around your trendy friend’s social media. Don’t be skeptical and self-conscious to try something so popular around those free spirits at the festival, the hype is very much deserved.

Be sure to try these sweet treats to keep your energy up and enjoy!

Aaaand if you’re bummed about missing Panorama this weekend, treat yourself to one of our faves, La NewYorkina, delivered straight to your door. See, staying home has its perks too!


The Sweetest Father's Day

If the year is going too fast for you, here’s a friendly reminder that Father’s Day is already around the corner.

To help you out, we picked the dads favorite sweets for you to surprise yours and show him that he really is the best.

Let us deliver these treats right to you door or, if you live far from NY, don’t miss the chance of sending your dad a great surprise!

Yeh Cakes 

 source: https://www.instagram.com/yehcakes/

These customized cupcakes will show your dad how much you know him! Whether he is a Star Wars fanatic, Sports addict or a great homecook, cupcakes will make him laugh (or cry) when seeing what you prepared for him!

Roni Sue’s chocolates

For the chocolate lovers dads, this selection of Roni Sue’s compelling and complex confection is a beautiful and delicious present.

Prohibition Bakery 

If your dad likes cocktails, give him a box of these boozy bites, named one of New York’s Most Delicious Dishes. Just be careful not to let him eat the whole box by himself if you don’t wanna start listening to all your old embarrassing stories from when you were a kid.   
Our flavor suggestions: Pretzel & Beer and Kentucky Fire

Little Pie Company


All dads like pie.

If you think that yours doesn’t, maybe he’s hiding something from you... The signature pie from The Little Pie Co. is baked with hand-sliced Granny Smith apples, fresh sour cream and topped with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnut streusel. It sounds as delicious as it really is!




Donuts are a dad’s best friend (or food). From Dough or The Doughnut Project, make your dad happy and proud by picking his favorite donut flavors.

You can find all these delicious treats on our website, and, most importantly, send your dad some of them. Don’t forget to tell us what you and your dad think about them and which one is your favorite!

We wish all the dads a Happy Father’s Day with lots of sweets and celebration!

Surprise your mom with her favorite sweet!


Mother’s Day is coming up and we know you are already feeling the pressure of picking the right present!

We have the perfect bundle for you here: deliver her favorite dessert with a beautiful bouquet in one simple order at our website. Customize your own bundle by picking a beautiful flower arrangement to pair with famed NYC's desserts from Magnolia Bakery, Ceci Cela, Eclair Bakery and Mille-Feuille Bakery!

Also, a good deal for you: use the code SHIPSFREE for free shipping and handling*!

And if your mom just cares about the desserts, no problem. Make her day unforgettable by surprising her with some of the best sweets in town! We've selected some options to be the perfect match to her!:

Make your mom feel the finest with the Rose & Basil’s chocolate truffles that are a beautiful and also delicious surprise. If you feel that she will need a little more than that, Lady M has the most delicate handmade Signature Mille Crêpes! And, If that is not enough, order the 9 inches instead of 6 to satisfy the whole family.

If your mom likes to have a fun time, why not giving her a happy hour with the Tipsy Scoop’s boozy ice cream? Or, for alcohol free, choose the Victory Garden’s Chocolate Gelato Cake decorated with edible flowers and freeze-dried raspberries!

Chocolate lover? Mah Ze Dahr Bakery makes this amazing cake called “The Devil in Ganache Cake”- Do you get how good it is?

If you are looking for a lighter dessert, Roni Sue’s chocolates are made from organic rainforest grown cacao and taste absolutely delicious!

Delicate sweet moms deserve delicate sweets. Silk Cake’s Sakura Blossom Cake is a stunning dessert with petals that remind of a cherry blossom flower. Also delicate and delicious are Unna’s Bakery cookies, not too sweet and with amazing texture. And they come in a beautiful box!

Make this Mother’s Day the best for your mom! Let us know what you think and don’t forget to use our code SHIPSFREE for free shipping and handling of our special bundles (with sweets from Magnolia Bakery, Ceci Cela, Eclair Bakery and Mille-Feuille Bakery)!

We wish you a great time with your family and if you are a mom yourself, Happy Mother’s Day

NYC's Best Valentine's Desserts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, whether it's the day to celebrate love or a single awareness day to you, delicious desserts are suitable in either of those situations! So let Sweetist help you make the day as sweet as can be with these wonderful desserts from our site!

Declare your love with this "Be Mine" cake from Sugar Sketch Cake Shop. Order Here


Nothing says I love you quite like making a decadent chocolate cake together. Try this deliciously fun DIY kit from Red Velvet NYC. Order Here


What could be a better way to tell your friends that you love them than these intense dark chocolate caneles from Canele by Celine. Order Here

The best 4 letters word! Order Here


And, of course, how could we leave out Valentine's Cupcakes from Billy's Bakery! Order Here


For those of you who would rather stay in and forget about the world for 24 hours. We highly recommend a pint of this decadent ice-cream made from coconut and 62% Valrhona chocolate from La Newyorkina. Order Here


or a 4-pint pack of spiked ice-cream from Tipsy Scoop - how good does dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel sound? Order Here


Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Sweetist is here to make it as great as it can be! Don’t worry about making desserts for your meal; instead, order a few of these fall favorites from our site and enjoy more quality time with loved ones!

Double Crust Apple Pie

Double Crust Apple Pie

Traditional apple pie made with Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples topped with a double crust. Note: Available from 19th Nov till 24th Nov.

Black Bottom Pecan Pie

Black Bottom Pecan

Pumpkin IceBox Pie


Creamy Pumpkin cream cheese filling in a gingernap crust with candied pecans. Note: Available from 19th Nov till 24th Nov.

Pecan Caramel Tart


The perfect option for chocolate lovers - A crunchy tart filled with Valrhona chocolate ganache with light caramel and pecans.

Pumpkin Loaf with Vanilla Icing

Pumpkin Bread Loaf with Vanilla Icing

Not quite in the mood for pie? Enjoy mini slices of this delicious pumpkin loaf as a sweet treat after your meal.

Harvest Apple Cupcake

Harvest Apple Cupcake pack of 6

Made with fresh apples, cranberries, raisins and pecans and topped with a caramel meringue buttercream.

The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops In NYC for Summer ‘16


There is nothing quite like the sweet aroma of a New York ice cream shop. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a wave of milky goodness before you can close the door. Instead of ordering your typical vanilla bean ice cream cone, here are a few that we recommend for you to try this summer!


Thai Tea Ice Cream Roll – 10Below  

Originating from Thailand, rolled ice cream might be the hottest frozen dessert of the summer. First and foremost, ice cream crafters pour milk and a couple ingredients of your choosing onto a cold plate. What happens afterwards is a spectacle to behold: the components are then chopped, smushed, laid out, and rolled into a creamy confection. The Thai tea rolled ice cream hits the sweet spot: the smooth texture matches well with its light and airy consistency.

Sweetist Tip: Oreos and a roasted marshmallow go perfectly with Thai ice cream!

Address: 10 Mott St


DIY Ice Cream – Magnum 

Magnum has opened its divinely doors in SoHo! In addition to their signature chocolate flavor, Magnum differentiates from all the other ice cream shops with this special characteristic: customization. From rich ice cream flavors to decadent toppings to crunchy, creamy coatings, customers from all over the world have their eyes on this.

Sweetist Tip: you better get them quick – Magnum closes its NYC doors in August! You can’t find rose petals and goji berries in any ice cream bar.

Address: 134 Prince St  


Ice Cream Sandwiches – Melt

Ever imagine a Good Humor ice cream sandwich on steroids? Well, you can find them in Melt. They have truly stepped up the ice cream sandwich game. One-upping the traditional ice cream sandwich, Melt uses soft cookies instead of chocolate wafers. It’s your provocative. Your choice for cookie and ice cream combinations are endless!

Sweetist Tip: you can’t leave the shop without trying out the red velvet cookie with vanilla ice cream!  

Address: 132 Orchard St


Cereal Milk Soft Serve – Momofuku 

Who would have ever thought to have Frosted Flakes milk with a soft serve when we were younger? How can an ice cream be so light, yet so full of sugary goodness (with a sprinkle of Frosted Flakes)? Well, these ideas are brought to life at the magnificent Momofuku Milk Bar! This can be found in various locations throughout the city, where Momofuku’s classic creations are both parts unique and nostalgic.

Sweetist Tip: their sweet yet salty crack pie is the perfect complement for this sugary soft serve.

Address: 561 Columbus Ave


Lychee Rose Ice Cream - Chinatown Ice Cream Factory 

when it comes to exotic Asian-themed flavors, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is an ice cream connoisseur. From red bean to Zen butter, this petite mom-and-pop shop will have you wanting more. The rose lychee ice cream is the perfect fix for those with full stomachs from dinner and need a fragrant yet delicate dessert. The lychee on its own is rich and creamy, but the rose accent gives the ice cream a little tea taste.

Pro Tip: lychee rose not your thing? Other exclusive, Asian-themed flavors include: black sesame, almond cookie, Zen butter, and pandan.

Address: 65 Bayard St

Chocolate Gems from Mini Melanie

Down on the Lower East Side, a ways from the basketball courts, and in the basement kitchen of a pub on Allen Street is a delicious secret. During regular business hours, the Hill & Dale Bar functions as any normal bar would (ie:booths of patrons, booze, etc.), but during the day when the bar is closed to all, it’s a hub for the cake and truffle business Mini Melanie.


It sounds like a covert operation for something so celebratory, but when we visited and spoke to Melanie Moss, founder and confectionary mind behind Mini Melanie, it made it feel more like a hidden gem.

“It’s brought us closer to our customers,” Moss said. “We’re able to hold tastings, meet clients, and it allows us to accommodate requests for larger orders— in business, you don’t want to say no to that, so that was a sign we needed a bigger space.”


Take one bite of a truffle or a slice of cake, and there’s really no question as to why the business, which started in November 2014 in the famous Hot Bread Kitchen, has grown so fast, earning nods like a spot in the New York City 2016 Michelin Guide and a feature on NBC’s “New York Live.”

Everything’s made from scratch, even the graham crackers or Oreo cookies used in the recipes, and it all comes out in the cake, and the delectable truffles (you seriously can’t share these or people will take them all). The recipes are part of a real passion— celebratory and sweet, as Moss said.

“I wanted to create something different and new in New York.” she said.


Like any small business starting off, Moss wears a lot of hats: fielding emails and appointments, testing recipes in the pub’s kitchen, doing her own social media and PR, and winding down the day at the open bar for a team powwow or even having a drink and a tasting with a client.

A lot of the business’ success comes from Moss and her team doing their own PR and social media— their Instagram has some delectably delicious shots of— but while her main experience is on the pastry side, Moss said that she’s sure to surround herself with the right people for legal or finance advice. But her best advice when it comes to owning your business?

“Never say no to anything. Whether it’s a job or whether you’re trying something new in marketing. Try new things— that’s the way you’re going to learn.”


Speed Round Sweetist Questions

1) Coffe vs. tea? Make one in the morning at home that’s a capuccino and then I make iced coffees throughout the day. I don’t remember the last time I had tea.

2) Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.

3) First food memory? Making plum tarts with my mom and my grandma.

4) Favorite childhood sweet? Hagen Dazs ice cream.

5) Dream food project: Life long goal to one day have my own cookbook. All of our recipes don’t have ingredients that you can’t find. It’s things you’ll have at home and that definitely comes across in our flavors— homemade. Ready for my cookbook.


You can preorder a cake or truffle box from Mini Melanie through Sweetist.

A Look Inside BAKED Tribeca


Walking inside BAKED in Tribeca is like walking straight into the famed Brooklyn bakers’ set of cookbooks. Everything looks delectable— like a hearty delectable I-could-replace-two-of-the-required-food-groups with their whoopie pies (verify that with a nutritionist)— and it feels like you’re walking into a bakery that your mom filled with her treats straight from your childhood. Oh and it smells so freaking good.

The baked treats are truly sink-your-teeth-into-this in nature, which lends to the down to earth, homey quality that makes us love the flavors, the texture, and the simple design. Founders Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito are seriously doing the world a service by spreading the word on dense desserts and coffees cookbook recipe or cookie at a time. 


BAKED’s Tribeca location is an enormous evolution from their Red Hook location.

Not only do they have a cake pole (a lovely ode to the previous burlesque tenant) and not only do they have enough seating to encourage trying a slice of a decked-out sprinkles cake and a cupcake and The Brookster (half brownie, half cookie) but they have a larger kitchen in the basement and a large viewing wall along the seating area, where you can ogle the bakers decorate. They also have enough seating to offer breakfast, lunch, and brunch on the weekends, so you can ogle the bakers in real time while you sip your mimosa.


During a walk through of the kitchens (we know, we know, we felt lucky too), the spaciousness was a testament to how many NYC fans love BAKED’s treats. Two large fridges were already stacked with prepared cakes, while two decorators put on the finishing touches to new orders. 

The basement kitchen had large work tables to spread out trays of cookie dough on sheets and to allow freshly made cake loaves to cool (seriously, best smell ever).


We weren’t surprised when we heard that BAKED was looking into expanding into classes for decorating, baking, and for kids in this location (TBD of course, but we’re already antsy to see a sign-up list). And of course, they have tons of room to cater tastings on the weekends (and to build out recipes downstairs).

But in the mean time, while we wait, we’ll enjoy the Tribeca location (hope for a meet-cute run-in with Taylor Swift or Jay with Bey while we do so) and enjoy the treats as a spectator. Which is just fine by us and the pie, tarts, and cake we’ll use to solace ourselves.

But, seriously, as one sweet freak to another, good luck trying to figure out what you want from the cake pole. Just try.


The NYC Donut Awards Go To…

This post was originally posted by Suma Reddy of Waddle app, Georgette Eva of Sweetist, and Anne Jiao of Dollop. Find the originally posted blog here.


Donut or Doughnut?

However you spell it, donuts are all kinds of goodness. So, it was our goal — as three NYC food tech start-ups — Waddle, Dollop, and Sweetist, to find the tastiest, fluffiest, gooiest, trendiest donut places in NYC.

We hit up Doughnut Plant, The Doughnut Project, Dough, The Donut Pub and The Cinnamon Snail*. Ratings are on 1-not so good to 5-nom nom nom basis.

Doughnut Plant


Doughnut Plant opened in 1994 in a basement. It’s got a cool history going all the way back to 1910 (fun-fact: there are 9 Doughnut Plants in Japan). We visited the original Lower East Side shop, which opened in 2000. One of their inventions is the square donut. You can’t go wrong here, with Doughnut Plants all over the city, each with a huge variety of classics and creative donuts. Case in point: you can get all three types of donuts — yeast (think fluffy), cake (cake-y), and filled (mmm) — not the case in some establishments.

Donuts & Verdicts:

  1. Carrot Cake (filled — with cream cheese!): “moist, flavorful, very cake-y”
  2. Manhattan creme (filled): “sweet but not too sweet — good balance of flavors”
  3. Banana Pecan (cake): “sweet filling but the outer doughnut shell had lovely toasted pecans to balance it out.”

Ambiance: cool, industrial, modernOur Ratings

  • Anne’s Rating: 4.5 — “I don’t think I’ve eaten a filled cake donut before! Delicious!!”
  • Georgette’s Rating: 4 — “you can get the doughnut flavor you want in your preference of yeast or cake! Everyone wins!”
  • Suma’s Rating: 4.5 — “filled donuts make me so happy.”

The Doughnut Project


From the LES, we traveled to the West Village to sample goodies at The Doughnut Project . The Doughnut Project is a relative newbie in the world of doughnut shops in the City, opening in 2015.

The Doughnut Project stands out for its cool factor. There’s graffiti on the walls and crazy eclectic donut flavors, including many savory donuts (ex. “Bulletproof Tiger,” a piquant and spicy blend of pineapple and habanero glaze). These donuts are fluffy and light. No cake donuts here, from what we could see.

Donuts & Verdicts:

  1. Everything (like an Everything bagel. But in a donut) — “Whaa, a savory donut?! The Everything donut is EVERYONE’s favorite. Haha. For real, tho.”
  2. Beet and ricotta (w/ cheese from the Murray’s Cheese Shop just a short hop away) — “Whaa, another savory donut?!… Um, I’m not sure what I think about this.”
  3. Bacon maple bar — “Really good initial taste of bacon and aftertaste of bacon. But doesn’t wow me.”

Ambience: Love the vibe. Trendy, colorful, friendly.Our Ratings

  • Anne’s Rating: 4.5 — “loved the originality of flavors, would come for the art too!”
  • Georgette’s Rating: 5 — “The Everything Doughnut frightens but eventually wins everyone over. It’s a bagel and a doughnut’s love child.”
  • Suma’s Rating: 5 — “savory donuts are a huge plus! Innovative and interesting.”

The Donut Pub


Opened in 1964 by billionaire investor Buzzy Geduld, The Donut Pub is a classic. The Donut Pub seems like a hole in the wall on the outside, but is classic and pristine on the inside. Everything from the red leather stools to white tiled walls gives you the sense of being transported back in time. Being open 24 hours, its the perfect place for a sweet bite of drunk food  — perhaps its best experienced, walking up to its glowing neon doors after a long night, grabbing a seat at the diner bar, and getting a reliable, inexpensive ($1.50) bite of perfect deep-fried dough.

Donuts & Verdicts:

  1. Red Velvet: “It’s cake-y. Basic. Kind-of dry”
  2. French Cruller: “this one is really good, soft, almost custard-y inside. Airy”
  3. Cinnamon: “I like it. Very crumbly”

Ambience: “the smell reminds me of my childhood donut place”. No frills.Our Ratings

  • Anne’s Rating: 4 — “love the value, and the custardy French Cruller”
  • Georgette’s Rating: 3 — “basis for good, classic doughnuts and late night (inebriated) doughnut runs.”
  • Suma’s Rating: 3 — “does this make me a snob?”



Next stop: Union Square. Dough was founded in 2010 in by a woman Chef. So it gets bonus points for that. If you like fluffy big donuts, and only fluffy donuts, Dough is your best bet. One of the coolest things about Dough is that you can see the bakers making the donuts in front of you.

Donuts & Verdicts:

  1. Salted Caramel: “mmmm. Dark Chocolate, Salt, Fluffy.”
  2. Dulce de Leche: “sticky, airy, and finger-licking delectable.”

Ambience: “they up-play the artisanal thing at this location, with the wooden communal big table. Yeah, lots of wood.”Our Ratings

  • Anne’s Rating: 4 — “the fluffiest doughnut for sure!”
  • Georgette’s Rating: 4 — “My first Dough doughnut was a coconut and it was uuuhhmazing. Now it’s everywhere and feels like the basis of all doughnuts.”
  • Suma’s Rating: 4 — “when I first tried Dough when it opened up in Brooklyn, it blew my mind. Maybe now i’m too used to it. It’s still solid, but is no longer exciting to me.”

The Cinnamon Snail


The Cinnamon Snail opened in 2010 and got famous because it was an vegan and organic food truck. Since then, it shuttered its food truck operations and opened up at The Pennsy, a “high end food hall” right next to Penn Station. This shop gets definite points for creativity. So creative that you can’t even pronounce the name of one of its donuts (see below).

Also, this is important: the founder owns a wallaby named Doyle Huckabee who sometimes wears clothes.

Donuts & Verdicts (down to 2 because we were starting to get sugar-sickness):

  1. Pistachio cardamom: “Awesome! This makes me feel like I’m back in India”
  2. Norberweiberberweiberhydrafab— “How do you pronounce this? Where does this name come from? Ok back to the donut. Creative, but not as fluffy as I would like. I wonder if I’m saying this because I’m donut-ed out”

Ambience: Located in The Pennsy is trying hard to be modern and industrial, but it’s not a great vibe when it’s next to Penn Station.Our Ratings

  • Anne’s Rating: 3.5 — “I feel like this place did most things well — good flavors, good texture — but nothing stood out. Maybe I just needed to have this one first…”
  • Georgette’s Rating: 3 — “I took off points because I got confused and lost from everyone else. It’s good though. The flavor pairings are interesting…”
  • Suma’s Rating: 4 —  “I need to try this when I haven’t already eaten 5 donuts. While not relevant, I really want to come back for the vegan sandwiches”

Final Rankings:

Anne: 1. Tied: Doughnut Project and Doughnut Plant — I’d say that I’d go to the first for the flavors and the second for the execution 2. Tied The Donut Pub and Dough 3. Cinnamon Snail

Why: I loved Doughnut Project for their ideas —  the Everything Donut is something that is so unique, one part savory, two parts sweet and just the perfect idea to make it stand out. This should be on everyone’s to-try list. However, I felt that Doughnut Plant was a master of their craft. It’s clear that they have the making of a filled donut down. Every donut we tried was moist, not too sweet, with the perfect dollop of cream that complemented the doughnut itself. It was a real toss up between these two for me. I loved the Donut Pub for what it was  — classic, no frills, and good value. Though the cake donuts were a little dry, their yeast donuts were fluffy and custardy. The ambiance feels a bit like an escape and probably shines best after a late night. Dough does what it does best —  though their flavors weren’t as unique as some of the others, their dough is truly compelling. I think when I’m craving a donut, the huge, doughy donut at Dough is maybe what I’d go for most often. I may have to come back to the Cinnamon Snail to try it again, but the ambiance and the huge amount of choice on their menu was just not for me.

Georgette: 1. The Doughnut Project 2. Doughnut Plant 3. Dough 4. Cinnamon Snail 5. The Donut Pub

Why: I ranked higher for places that surprised me and made me want to keep eating the new flavors. Don’t get me wrong, Donut Pub has a special place in my heart, and I love that I can rely on their French Crullers always, but the Doughnut Project took me by surprise and won me over.

Suma: 1. The Doughnut Project, 2. Doughnut Plant, 3. Dough, 4. Cinnamon Snail, 5. The Donut Pub

Why: That Everything donut at The Doughnut Project did it for me. Also, points for ambience and creativity. Next was the Doughnut Plant — again, pretty creative and I LOVE that it has filled donuts (these are my favorites). Dough is solid, and huge points for that nice wooden table. I like The Cinnamon Snail but not the location. The Donut Pub is eh, nothing special. It’s open 24hrs so might be tasty if it was late night and I was tipsy.


Winners (aka everyone’s a winner):

The Doughnut Project: I’m on shrooms and I want to stare at artsy walls and eat a donut for lunch

Doughnut Plant: I need to find a donut for my artsy brother, 7yr-old-nephew, traditional mom and cake-loving partner

The Cinnamon Snail: Can I have a vegan sandwich with that?

The Donut Pub: I don’t want to be bothered by hipsters

Dough: I’m feeling artisanal and I want a REALLY big donut

Now go forth and eat donuts.

*Before we get yelled at, yes, we realize we did not go to donut gems like Doughnuttery and Underwest

Check out our websites for more fluffy details on how Waddle, Dollop app, and Sweetist are spicing up discovery, food-gifting and dessert delivery.

Going Old School with Italian Desserts at Veneiro’s Bakery


There’s no missing Veniero’s on your first trip in because of its huge, neon sign, and if for some reason, you miss that, there’s the smell. Walking up to one of New York’s oldester bakeries (since 1894!), you’ll find the glass doors are propped open, allowing the warm smell of almond extract and marzipan to pull you inside, towards the number dispenser. The number dispenser is one of my favorite things about Veniero’s. It keeps order, for one, but it also makes me think of the deli counter but instead of getting turkey slices by the pound or something equally mundane, I’m getting butter cookies. And lots. You can actually buy any of the pastries by the pound— slices of Napoleon included— which I happily did.


For me, Italian desserts are a balance of hard and soft: crumbly dough with creamy, cheese fillings or layered pastry dough punctuated with nuts. Think quickly through some of your Italian favorites, like cannolis to sfogliatelles (aka lobster tails), and you’d see how the filling and the pastry pair together perfectly, complimenting each other like dunking a crispy french fry into soft serve ice cream. 

Italian desserts even seem like proper meals when you think about it, as most Italian desserts are even better served with the right wine or coffee. And as an ending note to a meal, these desserts are light and sweet, like panna cotta or tiramisu (as opposed to denser bitter chocolate cakes), which seem appropriate as some Italians prefer ending a meal of heavy pasta, sauces, and meats on the lighter side with a salad.

(Yes, I just compared light desserts to salad.)


Maybe that’s why, when I walked into Veneiro’s and took in the boxes of butter cookies in the window and the eclairs waiting behind the glass case, I ended up filling the pastry box with more items than I meant to— rainbow cookies, lobster tails, and cannolis just to be safe of course. But I have no regrets. None whatsoever.