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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many gifts can I select for each recipient?

      Up to 3 items can be selected, however, there may be additional shipping costs depending on which items have been selected and which bakeries the items are from.

    • How much is shipping?

      In our current Manhattan delivery area, shipping charges range from $7.99 to $15.99 for each gift delivery, with additional weekend charges of $7 per delivery. The charges are determined based on the bakery the items are being purchased from and the recipient's location. Please see the "Delivery Area" tab in this file for more detail.

      For gift concierge orders, we also will be supporting Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken, Jersey City as a special offering under our gift concierge program. Delivery prices for these areas will be quoted after we receive your completed gift concierge template. Please contact us directly for other areas.

    • How will I pay?

      Once you have submitted your completed gift template and your information using our website, we will respond to you and collect your payment details. If you're already a Sweetist customer, we can charge the card on file, if applicable. You will be charged for each individual gift, as each one may have different delivery charges.

    • How can I track the status of these orders?

      Every gift order for each of your recipients will exist as a unique order. So, you'll be informed by email of the confirmation, shipment, and delivery of each individual gift.

    • Can I add a card or other collateral to these gifts?

      For an additional fee of $2 per recipient, this can be done if the gift items selected are from the same bakery.

    • Will the recipient see the price of the order?

      The prices will not be shown since the receipt is only included via email to the purchaser.

    • Will my order be gift wrapped?

      We will have to ask the specific bakery if the gifts will be gift wrapped - If you make this a request on your form, we will contact the bakery and find out if there are charges involved and get back to you with the confirmation.

    • What happens in the case that the recipient is not there for perishable items?

      We will return the items to the bakery and ask whether you would like to select another delivery date. This will incur another delivery fee. Typically our courier will wait 10 minutes to drop an item off to the recipient, if there are any problems contacting the recipient or dropping the items off we will call the recipient. If we cannot reach the recipient then we will contact the sender. If there is no answer or more than a 15 minute wait we will contact the send ask what to do. Please be advised that there will be an additional delivery charge if there is a change in address when the order is approved.

    • Do I get a discount for larger orders?

      Yes! 5% for $150+ in total value of gift orders made, 10% for $300+, 15% for $500+.

    • How soon in advance do I have to order?

      You will need to place your order at least 48 hours in advance of the delivery date unless a specific product has a longer lead up time.